How We Clean

Oven cleaning has always been one of the jobs people put off until tomorrow as it is time consuming, dirty and very often the fumes unbearable. But why
wait any longer .....

Give Oven Cleaning King Worthing a call - you will not be disappointed my service is unrivalled.

Upon arrival i respect your home by placing work sheets around the appliance to be cleaned. I then remove the racks and place them in a specially built
de-carbanizing tank located in my van and clean the remainder of your appliance with Eco-Friendly products, removing all grease.I even remove and clean the back plate and fan Once cleaned internally I then concentrate on the exterior and the final polish.

Over the last few years we are all more aware of our responsibility to the environment and that is what has helped me develop an oven cleaning method,
which not only cleans exceptionally well but is also Eco-Friendly. It is healthier for you, your family and your pets. This process is extremely
effective and will leave your appliances looking great.Trading Standards Logo

MY CUSTOMER PROMISE: To provide a professional, quality service enhancing and prolonging the life of your appliances. All prices quoted are fully inclusive with no hidden costs.

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